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Whale Watching

Whale watching

Just at 200 meters away from Albergo La Pineta, Porto di Andora (the harbour of Andora) is the base for boat excursions and whale watching. The Ligurian Gulf is, in fact, part of the Cetacean Sanctuary. This marine area of ​​87,500 km² is a sort of triangle that includes three countries: Italy, France, and Monaco.

This area extends from the Tolone in France (precisely from Punta Escampobariou) down to Sardinia to Capo Falcone and Capo Ferro, to reach Chiarone, in Tuscany.

The waters of the Cetacean Sanctuary have a massive concentration of cetaceans, the highest among all Italian seas, due to the richness of the food. In this area, there are 12 different species of marine mammals: that makes the Cetacean Sanctuary one of the richest areas in the Mediterranean.

This precious ecosystem is a protected area, due to the will of France, Italy, and Monaco. This agreement was signed in Rome by these three Mediterranean nations in 1999. The aim of promoting actions focused on the protection of cetaceans and their habitats against all possible causes of disturbance, such as noise, pollution, or the capture of these animals.

Together with the protection and safeguard of this marine paradise, one of the main activities is whale watching. These naturalistic whale watching outings respect the need to safeguard the habitat and the species that live in them.

Since 1996, the excursion in the heart of the “Cetacean Sanctuary” has been suitable for audiences of all ages and it aims for the research and observation of the 8 species of cetaceans that populate the marine area established by Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco.

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