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Sea and sports

Andora is perfect for sports and allows practicing sports all year round due to its perfect weather conditions. In particular, the city coast is loved by surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, and SUPs. The waves can reach up to two and a half meters and are ideal for both experts and beginners. For those who want to try or improve, the city has several schools and sports clubs that offer courses at any time of the year.

Il mare e lo sport

Porto di Andora, the harbour, offers numerous maritime sports activities such as competitions and sporting events. The Andora Nautical Club, in fact, organizes sailing courses and promotes sporting events related to sailing, both national and international, and fishing competitions.

Due to the splendid seabed and its sandy beaches, diving can also be practiced in Andora. Several schools offer diving and freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling courses.

Andora’s motto is in fact 365 days of sport per year and if the sea isn’t enough, people here can trekking in nature, playing tennis, enjoying mountain bike excursions of panoramic paths. Especially for bike lovers, Andora is the perfect place. The bike champion Mirko Celestino has in fact renamed it, the “biker paradise”. Here various competitions are organized such as the “Tre Giorni del Mare”, a three-stage national championship, and it is also the passage of the famous “Milano-Sanremo” competition.

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