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Cervo e i borghi medievali

Medieval Villages – I borghi

The medieval villages, called Borghi, are one of the most fascinating sides of Liguria: small gems of great charm and beauty. The west coast of Liguria and its hinterland offer many villages perfectly preserved, considered among the most beautiful in Italy, and a destination for tourists from all over Europe.

About 7 km from Albergo La Pineta lies Cervo, one of the most characteristic Borghi, being one of them built on a hill close to the sea. Cervo is an interweaving of alleys that rise and fall to meet in the town square, where the Church of San Giovanni Battista is located, with a breathtaking view of the Ligurian Sea.

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In the province of Imperia, four other beautiful Borghi are reachable by car in about one hour. Triora is famous for its characteristic bread and it is known as the town of witches. In the sixteenth century this village was the scene of a dramatic witch trial. In memory of these events, every August is celebrated Strigora, a festival dedicated to witchcraft.

Seborga is a classic small village with stone buildings, alleys, steep stairs, panoramic views, churches, and royal palaces. It has a curious history: in 1996 it self-proclaimed an independent principality and has its own laws and currency.

Destroyed by an earthquake in 1887, Bussana Vecchia is a ghost village, a destination for all art lovers. In the 1950s, the artists, attracted by the charm of this village, renovated and made the less damaged buildings habitable again. It currently houses several artisan shops and an international community of artists.

Dolceacqua is famous for its characteristic Romanesque bridge that crosses the stream below the triumphing the Doria castle: a view that fascinated the painter Claude Monet and used it as a subject of some of his paintings. In Dolceacqua, time seems to stand still, with its alleys, stone houses, and delightful shops of artists and craftsmen.

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