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Colla Micheri

Located along the route of the ancient Roman road Julia Augusta, Colla Micheri is a very small medieval village of few houses with stone walls, of extraordinary beauty and charm. The village is a cobweb of small streets, paved in smooth stone, which has the town square as its center. Here stands the church of San Sebastiano with its characteristic dark red color.

Colla Micheri

The view that this village offers is one of the most suggestive of the western Liguria. On one side, it overlooks the Gulf of Laigueglia on the other Andora: the entire Merula valley and its coast.

The village is mainly known for having been chosen as a home by Thor Heyerdahl. The famous Norwegian anthropologist and explorer arrived here in 1958 and immediately decided to settle even if there were no access routes, neither water nor light.

If today Colla Micheri is one of the most suggestive villages in Italy, it is due to him who bought many buildings and renovated them in the original style. His intervention was fundamental for the construction of the square and the environmental protection of this hill.

Thor Heyerdahl lived here until 2002, the year of his death.

For hikers, Colla Micheri is a perfect starting point for scenic routes on foot or by mountain bike. Different hiking paths leave and arrive from the village, connecting it to other places such as Laigueglia or Borgo Castello

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