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Spiagge di Andora

Discover Andora beaches

Andora beaches are easily reachable on foot from our hotel. They extend for about 2 km and are divided into two sections by the river Merula. Andora offers beaches suitable for any needs, with over 25 beach clubs overlooking the coast. Together with the many private beaches, a quarter of the coast is dedicated to the free ones: all of them are equipped with toilets and showers.

Together with the traditional free beaches, there is a free equipped beach (which offers the possibility to rent sunbeds and parasol) and a beach open to pets.

The free beaches located all along the coast. There is a large free beach located in the area called ex Colonia d Asti, which offers bathers a seafront of 80 meters.

All the beaches of Andora are sandy and fine, perfect for relaxing and for children to play. In addition, the sandy bottom is perfect for snorkeling, for all explorers with masks and fins. Andora has six free Wi-Fi zones that cover most of the coast. Therefore, bathers can stay on the beaches with the possibility of enjoying the Internet at no cost.

Still on the Andora costs, at the mouth of the Merula stream, lies the Oasis of Merula. This Oasis is a protected area for those who love nature and its preservation. Here it has been favored the growth of the marsh reed, allowing life for the numerous nesting and migratory species that annually stop in this natural area. This spot is perfect for bird watchers, mainly in the fall and spring.

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